Box Iron

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Category Steel
Brand Darmody Fencing
Item Code Box
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Product Description
Steel Box section is used for making structures and general fabrications.
it can be easily cut and drilled,

20x20x2mm 7.6M 40x20x2mm 7.6M
25x25x2mm 7.6M 40x20x3mm 6.1M
25x25x2.5mm 7.6M 50x25x2mm 7.6M
25x25x3mm 7.6M 50x25x2.5mm 7.6M
30x30x2mm 7.6M 50x30x3mm 7.6M
30x30x2.5mm 7.6M 50x40x3mm 6.1M
30x30x3mm 7.6M 60x40x3mm 7.6M
40x40x2mm 7.6M 60x40x4mm 7.6M
40x40x2.5mm 7.6M 80x40x3mm 7.6M
40x40x3mm 7.6M 80x40x4mm 7.6M
40x40x4mm 7.6M 80x40x5mm 7.6M
50x50x2mm 7.6M 80x50x5mm 7.6M
50x50x2.5mm 7.6M 90x50x5mm 7.6M
50x50x3mm 7.6M 100x50x3mm 7.6M
50x50x4mm 7.6M 100x50x4mm 7.6M
50x50x5mm 7.6M 100x50x5mm 7.6M
60x60x2mm 7.6M 100x50x6mm 7.6M
60x60x3mm 7.6M 100x60x3.6mm 7.6M
60x60x4mm 7.6M 100x60x6mm 7.6M
60x60x5mm 7.6M 120x60x3.6mm 7.6M
70x70x3mm 7.6M 120x60x5mm 7.6M
70x70x5mm 7.6M 120x60x6mm 7.6M
80x80x3mm 7.6M 120x80x4mm 6.1M / 7.6M
80x80x4mm 7.6M 120x80x5mm 7.6M
80x80x5mm 7.6M 120x80x6mm 10.1M
80x80x6mm 7.6M 120x80x8mm 12.2M
90x90x3mm 7.6M 150x100x5mm 7.6M / 12.2M
90x90x5mm 7.6M 150x100x6mm 7.6M / 12.2M
90x90x6mm 7.6M 150x100x8mm 7.6M
100x100x3mm 7.6M 160x80x5mm 7.6M
100x100x4mm 7.6M 160x80x6mm 7.6M
100x100x5mm 7.6M 160x80x8mm 12.2M
100x100x6mm 7.6M / 12.2M 200x100x5mm 7.6M / 12.2M
100x100x8mm 7.6M / 12.2M 200x100x6mm 7.6M / 12.2M
100x100x10mm 12.2M 200x100x8mm 12.2M
120x120x5mm 7.6M / 12.2M 250x150x6mm 12.2M
120x120x6mm 7.6M / 12.2M 250x150x8mm 12.2M
120x120x8mm 12.2M 250x150x10mm 12.2M
150x150x5mm 7.6M / 12.2M  
150x150x6mm 7.6M / 12.2M  
150x150x8mm 12.2M  
150x150x10mm 12.2M  
180x180x10mm 12.2M  
200x200x8mm 12.2M  
200x200x10mm 12.2M  

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