Rugby Goalpost

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Product Description
Darmody Fencing Manufacture and Supply a large range of Goalposts including Rugby Goalposts

The Specification for fixed and permanent Rugby  Goalposts are:

Rugby Goalpost Specification:

Goalpost elements
4 x Uprights
2 x Crossbars
4 x Ground Sockets

Bottom section 89 mm diameter galvanised steel tube, 3.25mm wall thickness. Inserted at least 1200 m deep in ground sockets.
89 mm diameter galvanised steel tube, 3.25 mm wall thickness.

Top section 76 mm tube, 3 mm wall thickness, 5m above steel section and inserted a minimum of 1000 mm into the steel section

All exposed edges to have a minimum radius of 3mm.

Metal Treatment
All metal sections including ground sockets to be galvanised and all welded parts to be galvanised after fabrication and to be painted.

Distance between uprights


Height of underside of crossbar over playing surface


Overall height of upright over playing surface

The composite T-collar for fixing of crossbar to uprights is made of 2 sliding fit circular sections welded together.

Ground sockets
Ground sockets for uprights to be embedded in concrete to a minimum depth of 1200mm.
All sockets to be 25mm under playing surface and have a lockable cap with artificial grass bonded to it.

For further information on goalposts please do not hesitate to contact Darmody Fencing on 0504 44627

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