Welded Palisade Fencing

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Product Description
Why choose Steel Palisade Fencing?

Steel Palisade Fencing provides both a visual and physical deterrent.
Steel Palisade Fencing is regularly suggested and approved by high street insurance companies as one of the most cost effective perimeter solutions for businesses.

Applications for Palisade Fencing – Site perimeter, Industrial areas.
Palisade Fencing is viewed as the best type of security fencing.  Palisade Fencing is commonly used in Factories, Industrial Units, and other areas to stop trespassing.
Palisade Fencing is available in welded or kit form to cope with ground contours.
Palisade Fencing comes in either Galvanised Palisade Fencing or Galvanised and Powder Coated Palisade Fencing in a range of colours.
Palisade is widely accepted as the industry leader to protect and deter general attack from all types and conditions of intrusion.

Palisade is produced with two distinct alternative pale profiles, and is available with a wide range of paling head options.

Palisade offers protection for differing levels of perceived risk, starting from low risk for demarcation purposes through to our high security Portcullis variant. Our sales team are happy to discuss and assist with providing a precise specification to meet every customers expectations.

Our Design Office are pleased to assist clients with specific fencing problems, and offer solutions.

The Palisade Fencing family of fencing is designed to provide a formidable barrier; and is manufactured from hot formed and cold rolled substantial steel sections. These sections offer both strength and rigidity combined with a long life span.

Heights for Palisade Fencing can vary from 1.2mt to 2.4mt.  If required, it can be fitted to existing walls for additional security.

Contact Darmody Fencing today for a competitive quotation for Palisade Fencing.

Palisade Fencing is available in Galvanised or Powder Coated Finish.

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