Mesh 3M Paladin Fencing

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Product Description

Mesh3M Panel Paladin Fencing construction features galvanised horizontal and vertical rods 5mm diameter resistance welded at the intersection points to form a 200mm x 50mm mesh pattern.

Paladin Fencing
The construction produces a modern and attractive appearance which is ideally suited for most boundary and general security applications.

Paladin Fencing
The system is complete with 60x60 SHS posts positioned at 3.025m nominal post centres. Posts are supplied with factory fitted threaded inserts, plastic cap and robust steel panel fixing brackets.

  Paladin Fencing
Mesh 3M  is supplied in 3m long panels which reduce erection time thus creating a lower cost installation solution whilst retaining maximum performance, quality and rigidity.


Panels are available in three heights and have a 30mm high barbed top on one edge of the panel.


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