Concrete Post & Rail Fencing

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Product Description
Post & Rail Fencing:                          
The concrete post and rail system is a cost effective, functional utility fencing system that has been used traditionally by local authorities and private contractors alike. The post and rail system can be used as a framework for floral climbers, almost like a trellis in a domestic setting, or in its virgin or a painted form. The system is long lasting and robust and can be easily maintained.

Standard Post & Rail Sizes:          2000mm x 200mm x 100mm 3-Hole Post

                                                            2000mm x 180mm x 100mm 2-Hole Post

                                                            1371mm x 180mm x 100mm 2-Hole Post

                                                            1091mm x 180mm x 100mm 1-Hole Post
                                                            2540mm x 100mm x 80mm Rail

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