Square Deal Wire

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Price 480.93 (Incl. VAT)
Category Equine Horse Products
Brand Darmody Fencing
Status In Stock
Size 50mt

Product Description
Square Deal / Non Climb Fence Wire
Revolutionary New Fence Wire

Product Specifications

    Galvanised high tensile wire
    200ft in length (50M)
    250lbs in weight
    4ft in height (Also available in 3 and 6ft)
    Mesh spacing 2" x 4"
    Filler wire 12½ gauge
    Top / bottom wire 10 gauge

This is a terrific fence for horses. Square Deal Non-climb Fence stands up to the challenge of providing a long-lasting enclosure to keep your horses safe and healthy.
Strong 2" x 4" steel mesh prevents frightened or fighting horses from stepping through, walking down or getting over the fence. Plus, it flexes on impact, preventing injury to horse or fence.
Since the fence is woven, not welded, it resists being broken or eaten. When properly installed with smooth side inward, Square Deal knots won’t cut or damage horses.
Flexibility constructed fence follows the contour of hills or uneven terrain. Once properly stretched, it won’t sag or buckle, providing superior strength.
Square Deal Non-Climb Fence is built for years of service with 12½ gauge, galvanised steel line wires, and 10 gauge top and bottom wires that withstand weathering and everyday wear and tear.

Special Features