RCL 22 Hog Rings

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Category Ball Stop Netting
Brand Darmody Fencing
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Product Description
Darmody Fencing stock the Hog Ring & hog Ring Plier. This is the essential tool for quickly fastening things together.
Speedy one-hand plier operation leaves the other hand free to control work. The hog ring plier loads quickly and easily. Strips of 50 preformed hog rings feed automatically to the jaws of the plier.
The jaws are designed to fit in small places and allow you to view the work at hand. With the powerful easy action of the auto-feed hog ring pliers, the divergent pointed hog rings close down to an inside diameter of 1/4".
Use this tool in Ballstop Netting, Fencing & Constructing bird pens and other applications where you need to fasten two pieces of mesh together.

Special Features