MR2500 Mains Electric Fencer

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Category Agricultural Fencing
Brand Gallagher
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Size MR2500

Product Description
Darmody Fencing supply a large range of Gallagher High Powered Mains Operated Electric Fencers

The M2500 High Powered Mains Electric Fencers Features Includes:

  • · 25 Joules stored energy
  • · MR2500 High Powered Mains Electric FencerPowers up to 80km (50 miles) of multi-wire permanent fence
  • · Great for a farming enterprise in which the fence network will grow
  • · XR1 remote control is included and allows you to turn the unit on/off anywhere on the fence line
  • · Full and half power operating modes provide more flexibility to meet specific fence requirements
  • · RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) suppressed circuitry
  • · Advanced lightning protection
  • · Short circuit protection to prevent excessive heat from damaging the energizer
  • · Fence OK LED shows fence condition.


MR2500 High Powered Mains Electric Fencer Suitable for: Sheep,


Special Features

Performance Characteristics
KM Single Wire Fence:
240 Km
KM Multi Wire Fence:
80 Km
Size of Property:
250 Acres/ 100 Ha
Gallagher Recommendation:
20 Km
Stored Energy:
25 Joules
Output Energy:
16 Joules

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