Keepsafe Fencing

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Brand Darmody Fencing
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Product Description
Horse Wire sold by Darmody Fencing,

Keepsafe Fencing
The Classic Stud Farm Fencing Wire from Darmody Fencing

Product Specifications

    Galvanised steel wire
    Roll 165ft length (50M)
    Roll 4ft 50 inches height
    Roll 250lbs weight
    Mesh spacing 2" x 4"
    Wire gauge (verticle) 14 gauge
    Wire gauge (horizontal) 12½ gauge (with 2-ply cables for extra strength)
    Diamond / v-shaped mesh


Keepsafe Horse Fence has closely spaced, 2" x 4" diamond-mesh construction to give it linear strength and springy texture, protecting horses from injury and preventing predators from entering paddocks and pastures.

Keepsafe’s durable and protective diamond weave features heavy, twisted horizontal cables, each cable consisting of two wires on 4" spacing from ground to top. Vertical wires, securely wrapped around each horizontal cable, run diagonally to make a diamond pattern and thus form the strongest fence construction known.

The wire is galvanised to avoid corrosion. The springy texture of the fence allows horses to brush and bump against the surface harmlessly, without damage to their delicate coats. The close spacing prevents hooves and legs from catching in the fence and keeps predatory animals from penetrating the barrier.

Special Features